What is “Wien gibt Raum”?

The program “Wien gibt Raum” (engl. “Vienna provides space”) focuses on the use of public space. Urban public space is like a modern city’s calling card: locals spend a significant part of their daily lives in public areas, and for visitors, public space makes up a major share of the city’s special flair and ambiance. At the same time, public spaces are expected to meet a variety of different, often conflicting needs and interests. City administrations are faced with the task of providing an adequate legal and organisational framework for these needs and interests. In this context, it is important to keep public spaces usable and freely accessible while at the same time guaranteeing safe, speedy and smooth traffic flow. This is an important factor in keeping Vienna the most livable city in the world.

Against the backdrop of this challenge, the City of Vienna decided to launch a new public space management programme termed “Wien gibt Raum”. The programme aims to reorganise the distribution of tasks and responsibilities for official permits and the management of objects and activities in public space. Internal administration processes are restructured; at the same time, users are provided with a new customer interface in the form of a (digital or physical) one-stop shop, which is based on customised software solutions. Moreover, the entire legal framework for official permits regarding public space is evaluated and modernised where necessary. The basis for many steps taken for “Wien gibt Raum” is provided by comprehensive surveying of all objects and structures currently found in public areas.


The goals

Wien gibt Raum - Verfahrensvereinfachung und -beschleunigung

Making applications & permissions easier and faster

“Wien gibt Raum” will make proceedings for the use of public space easier and faster. Soon you will be able to submit your application online in a digital “One-Stop-Shop”. There you will find all information on the use of public space online. A digital assistant will guide you through the process and answer your questions. You will have only one interface to the city administration and receive all permits and transparent information about fees from a single source.

Wien gibt Raum - Partizipation

Enable ideas and participation

Public space is valuable and belongs to us all. The City of Vienna enables citizens through “Wien gibt Raum” to make their ideas for public space come true. From street festivals, Grätzloasen (neighborhood oasis) or parklets to art performances – we make the necessary steps to use public space as room for your idea as easy as possible. Moreover, the city administration surveys public space and thus gets a better overview. So public space can be decluttered, creating space for new ideas and making your neighborhood more beautiful.

Wien gibt Raum - Effizient und nachhaltig wirtschaften

Using tax money efficiently and sustainably

By applying “Wien gibt Raum” the City of Vienna is using tax money responsibly. The image data created by the programme can replace some of the on-site inspections or expert opinions required for future administrative processes, thus saving both time and expenses. A modern software using this data facilitates effective networking between City Administration departments. The use of public space should be fair – citizens and enterprises that play by the rules must not be put at a disadvantage. Therefore we also detect who is using public space without contributing.


“Wien gibt Raum” is an innovative digitization programme: So far Vienna has been the only European city to adopt this novel and comprehensive approach. Geodata, surveying data and image data of the status quo, as well as data on permits granted and applications submitted are integrated in a single database and connected with web based solutions. Citizens, as well as enterprises and administration employees profit from this approach. Moreover the City of Vienna creates a valuable set of data, that will be provided for scientists, start-ups or enterprises to further develop the Smart City Vienna.

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