The technology

Erfassungsfahrzeug von "Wien gibt Raum"

The surveying vehicle of “Wien gibt Raum” is equipped with state-of-the-art “mobile mapping”-technology. The equipment is able to take highly precise pictures that further allow detailed surveys.

The system has two basic components: On the one hand sensors that allow a very accurate positioning of the vehicle, on the other hand sensor-cameras for the photographic mapping of the vicinity. For positioning the vehicle GPS and angle sensors are used, that control the position and orientation of the car up to 200 times per second. For the mapping of the vicinity especially calibrated camera systems are used.

The vehicle collects all data while driving at normal speed in regular traffic. Approximately every three meters images are taken. The image data contain – among others – traffic signs. The image quality is sufficient for reading also small texts on additional signs.

The survey is coordinated by the experts of MA 41 – Surveyors. With their experience in modern survey technology they also are responsible for the quality assurance of the data in terms of accuracy and anonymization.

Data protection

The City of Vienna values data protection as much as you do. Therefore “Wien gibt Raum” has been taking many measures for protecting personal data.

Privatsphäre und Datenschutz sind uns wichtig

The surey is registered with the Austrian data protection authorities under the number DVR 0000191 – V640. Therefore it is subject to strict regulations on data protection.

Es werden keine Audio-, Video- und WLAN-Daten aufgezeichnet.

No video-, sound- or WIFI-data are recorded.

Alle Personen und Kennzeichen werden verpixelt.

All individuals pictured are completely anonymised, and car license plate numbers are pixelated.

The survey vehicle is marked with the protected logo of the City of Vienna. The camera sensors are mounted on the car roof, approximately two meters above ground. Thus the sensors do not collect any imagery, a tall person couldn’t see with his own eyes.

Die Daten sind gut gesichert.

The image data are carefully secured in the vehicle and during post processing. Non anonymized images are stored in the surveying companies systems as short as possible. They have to be demonstrably deleted by the company after the final submission to the City of Vienna.

The City of Vienna receives only fully anonymized data and is owner of all the imagery. The data is stored on secure servers, owned by the City of Vienna.